Monday, March 13, 2006

Sleeping is Giving in, No Matter What the Time is

So, I didn't think this would be as cool as it was, but for the finale of Alexander McQueen's runway show last week Kate Moss appeared as a hologram. The video is here. It's basically the whole show condensed into 7 and a half minutes, but you can skip to the last minute or two to see this. Thanks to glorious Boing Boing for the link.


Google Mars (explanation). Even cooler than that, however, is Flight Into Mariner Valley, a computer generated flight into the largest canyon in the solar system, Mars' Valles Marineris. To put it into perspective Valles Marineris is "10 times longer, 5 times deeper, and 20 times wider than Earth's Grand Canyon". Now that's a GRAND Canyon.


If you were ever into collecting baseball cards, even if you just did it for the gum, check out The Baseball Card Blog. It's an almost always interesting and fun read.


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