Monday, March 06, 2006

The Part of the Sky Where The Sun Comes Up

The Academy Awards were last night and despite the fact that I've only seen one film that was nominated in, well, any category (albeit the best picture winner) I watched most of the show anyway.

The Daily Show's Jon Stewart hosted, and he was at his witty, sardonic best. Some seem to be claiming that Hollywood judged Stewart's job as poor, but I'm not so sure that was the case. It seems there are some critics (why do the Oscars need critics) who thought he did a fairly good job. Though most seem to agree it was a dull night anyway. Unsurprisingly, however, I think Roger Ebert says most if it best, like always. I hope he's right and Jon Stewart does get asked back. If he doesn't I won't be surprised. Dems' the politics of Hollywood. This is why I find it so hard to respect nearly anyone involved in the film industry. Movies are still good though.

The best moment of the night was when rap group Three 6 Mafia won an Oscar for the song "It's Hard Out Here For a Pimp", which they wrote for the film Hustle & Flow. They won directly after their cleaned up performance of the song, complete with out-of-place dance sequences. They came out to accept their award at a show they clearly didn't fit at, but they didn't care. Stewart put it best when he said "now that's how you accept an Oscar". Three 6 Mafia won one and they were damn happy about it.

Jennifer Garner almost falling was almost classic. ;)

In what was probably an upset, Crash won best picture. I did like it, but I'm not sure if it was best picture worthy. Although I really can't say because I've never seen any of the other nominees.

Wow, I'm writing like I really cared about this show. I've already said too much.


Kirby Puckett dead at 45. Sad day for fans of baseball everywhere. I still hate the Twins though.


Some more cool LEGO creations. I wish I were twelve again and/or had a garbage can full of Legos right now. This time it's the Top 10 Strangest LEGO Creations Ever.



Anonymous Gonzo said...

As for Crash not being Oscar worthy, hard to say. I liked it. But it seems some don't agree. Perhaps it was a simple film with simple ideas about racism today in America.

I was reading something somewhere (don't ask me where) that talked about the scene when Bullock is yelling at her hubby (Fraser) about the Latino help. Of course, the help is within earshot.

The author made the point who the hell would do that? Someone who harbors racist ideals is unlikely to pronounce them in front of those they are racist against.

The point being that the most dangerous racism in America today is covert not overt.

Good point and one the film didn't touch on.

"Kirby Puckett dead at 45. Sad day for fans of baseball everywhere. I still hate the Twins though."

Twins suck and though I will never forgive them for 1987 may Kirby rest in peace.

Those lego things were cool, I was lookin' at 'em the other day. I want that car.

9:00 AM  
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