Friday, March 03, 2006

Free Love...

...On the Free Love Freeway.

Thank you YouTube. Now I don't even have to put in the DVD to watch one of my favorite Office (superior British version) moments of all time from my favorite episode of The Office. If someone ever tells you they hate British humor show them Episode Four of The Office. Then slap them in the face (or you can do that first). The fact that Gareth and Tim start harmonizing with Brent in this scene is the greatest.

"She's dead"
"She's not dead"


Pitchfork has announced their Pitchfork Music Festival set for July 29-30. Tickets go on sale Monday which is also when the full lineup will be released. For now they give us a taste of who is there:

Mission of Burma
Ted Leo/Pharmacists
Mountain Goats
The National
Jens Lekman
Hot Machines

That list alone is probably enough for me to go.


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