Wednesday, February 22, 2006

YouTube Update; Random Music Related Videos

So, my first post on this blog was about YouTube and I sort of insinuated (well, okay. I didn't say this at all, but it's fun to take credit for things you didn't do) that somebody was gonna get pissed about all these free copyrighted videos. I was right. NBC has taken action against YouTube and other unmentioned sites that contain copyrighted NBC video.

The most infamous part of this whole story is the "Lazy Sunday" skit from NBC's Saturday Night Live, which became wildly popular on the viral video front shortly after it first aired. Despite the fact that it drummed up serious interest in a show (SNL) that no one's been interested for at least two years, NBC has decided to fight back. Of course, not long after it's viral spread on the internet NBC started offering the "Lazy Sunday" clip for free on it's own site as well as a 99 cent download on iTunes. While NBC has every [legal] right to do this, they are essentially stomping on free advertisement while also managing to look like a bunch of fascists in the eyes of a lot of internet nerds who have a lot more power than given credit for.

So, as a big screw you to NBC, here's a video that's not gone yet. The White Stripes performing the song "Jolene" on Conan O'Brien (GASP! That's on NBC!). The thing that lifts this video above your normal performance is the fact that Jack White sings with enough emotion here to absolutely shatter your heart. Watch it quick! I can already hear NBC's goons stomping up my stairs. this one too. Don't tell NBC!


Check out this video of 60's psychedelic band Vanilla Fudge doing an impressive rendention of The Supremes' "Keep Me Hangin' On" on the Ed Sullivan Show.


And while you're at it, this video of Victor Wooten (bassist for The Flecktones) playing "Amazing Grace" on the bass guitar. Pretty cool.


Blogger Rollo Tomasi said...

yup, nbc sure has been busy. even the links i posted here are gone now. in fact, there's very little nbc content on youtube now and anything that is upped by someone is immediately removed.

3:31 AM  

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