Friday, February 24, 2006

The Daily Show is God

Of course it is. You already knew this.

Daily Show humor befuddles Governor

I'm ashamed to say I didn't actually see this episode, but reading that certainly made my day. Good job Blago (or should I say 'Gov. Smith'), even Illinois State Representative Ron Stephens is hipper than you.

If you need more proof that the Daily Show has been the best thing on T.V. for a handful of years now go check out their coverage of Dick Cheney shooting a man in the face. It's still up on Comedy Central's website. Now, it's pretty easy to pull humor from something like this, but they pull it off exceptionally well. Check-check-check-a'check it out. ;)

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A Quick One is a competitive photoshop site that contains some of the most impressive photoshopped images I've ever seen. I wish I had these skills. Check it out.


There's a surprisingly large amount of lego pictures on flickr, but the Lego'd Video Games, despite the fact that there are only seven as of this moment, has to be the coolest I've seen so far. The image included is a Lego'd version of the NES game Bionic Commando from said set. But you already knew that.

YouTube Update; Random Music Related Videos

So, my first post on this blog was about YouTube and I sort of insinuated (well, okay. I didn't say this at all, but it's fun to take credit for things you didn't do) that somebody was gonna get pissed about all these free copyrighted videos. I was right. NBC has taken action against YouTube and other unmentioned sites that contain copyrighted NBC video.

The most infamous part of this whole story is the "Lazy Sunday" skit from NBC's Saturday Night Live, which became wildly popular on the viral video front shortly after it first aired. Despite the fact that it drummed up serious interest in a show (SNL) that no one's been interested for at least two years, NBC has decided to fight back. Of course, not long after it's viral spread on the internet NBC started offering the "Lazy Sunday" clip for free on it's own site as well as a 99 cent download on iTunes. While NBC has every [legal] right to do this, they are essentially stomping on free advertisement while also managing to look like a bunch of fascists in the eyes of a lot of internet nerds who have a lot more power than given credit for.

So, as a big screw you to NBC, here's a video that's not gone yet. The White Stripes performing the song "Jolene" on Conan O'Brien (GASP! That's on NBC!). The thing that lifts this video above your normal performance is the fact that Jack White sings with enough emotion here to absolutely shatter your heart. Watch it quick! I can already hear NBC's goons stomping up my stairs. this one too. Don't tell NBC!


Check out this video of 60's psychedelic band Vanilla Fudge doing an impressive rendention of The Supremes' "Keep Me Hangin' On" on the Ed Sullivan Show.


And while you're at it, this video of Victor Wooten (bassist for The Flecktones) playing "Amazing Grace" on the bass guitar. Pretty cool.

Saturday, February 18, 2006


I can't stop watching curling. I don't even understand all the rules or scoring. It's almost hypnotic. It seems like it should be the most mind-numbing sport ever, and to an extent it is. Maybe that's its appeal. Everybody loves a good numb mind. Right? Maybe it's just because they show it live at 3 in morning every day, which just so happens to be when I am wide awake. Either way, I think it's a serious addiction.


Snowboard Cross is a new Olympic event that includes four snowboarders in a race on a course that includes jumps and many turns. Yesterday (actually nearly two days ago by now in Italy) in the women's final for this event American snowboarder Lindsey Jacobellis was well in the lead and was staring a gold medal in the face as she came to the second to last jump. As she hit this second to last jump, however, she reached up and grabbed her board, pulling off a back-side method. Except she didn't pull it off. She lost her edge and came tumbling down into the snow, leaving Tanja Frieden of Switzerland to pass her for the gold medal. She did get up and came in second, earning the silver medal.

If she hadn't have fallen pulling off the trick, no one would even be talking about it obviously, but that doesn't mean its not showboating either way. You don't get points for tricks in this event.

This is an even more hilarious and epic blunder than Leon Lett carrying a fumble return 2 foot away from his body and having it knocked away by Don Beebe in Super Bowl XXVII. That didn't even effect the outcome of that game. This was on the world's biggest stage and in the event's first year. This is the reason some many countries around the world hate the United States with a passion. I'm not saying that a cocky sports attitude (as if sports really mattered) fuels such hatred, but on a bigger scale, bigger than some bizarre snowboarding event that doesn't matter. It just seems to exemplify the American attitude on, well, lots of other things as well. Congratulations Lindsey Jacobellis. No matter how many lame pre-written excuses you make, you're an idiot. You shouldn't even get a silver medal, and I doubt you'll ever be pulling off any "back-side methods" in such a situation again.


Figure skating is terrible.


I really prefer the Summer Olympics by a pretty wide margin. The events are so much more engaging and fun to watch. Maybe the sports are easier for the normal person to connect to. I've been on many tracks. Many high schools have a whole track and field unit in physical education. And everyone's been in a swimming pool.

On the other hand, I've never worn skis, a snowboard, or ice skates.

Monday, February 13, 2006


No, not the audio equipment company.

For those of you who don't know, Cat Eats Coyote is actually a track on Quicksand/Cradlesnakes by the band Califone. Although it's not so much a song as it is an interlude with what sounds like windchimes and a bunch of other strange noises.

Califone actually rose out of the ashes of the band Red Red Meat. That's a little misleading, however, because Califone is essentially just another reincarnation of Red Red Meat, as all the principle members have participated in both bands.

Anyway, the music of Califone has a beautifully rustic feel and their sound in rooted in country, blues, and folk. Their debut album Roomsound is being reissued on Thrill Jockey on February 21st. Check them out.

*Roomsound cover image courtesy of Thrill Jockey Records

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

It Has Begun

That's right. I've become bored with my own musings or something and all you readers out there (read: nobody) are being punished for it.


So YouTube might just be pretty awesome. Of course for every awesome video there's probably a video of some jackass lip-synching to a song.

Don't tell anyone I told you so, but there's a nice selection of mostly music related YouTube links here.

I don't know much about copyright laws, but some of this has to be breaking some sort of a law...Doesn't it? Like I said, I don't really know, but here's an interesting piece* on the issue and YouTube in general from the NY Times. Anyway, check YouTube out and search for that obscure live Styx performance, you'll probably find it. Then kill yourself for liking Styx.


That's all for now, folks. Hope you've enjoyed it.

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